Baby shower for Sanaz

About a month ago, I was photographing baby shower. I have to admit that I love my profession, because I have an opportunity to meet so many people, have the best spot in seeing things 🙂

Everything was just perfect, happy mommy to be, loving and caring family and friends, good food, beautiful decor. I am so blessed to share all this positive emotions. Please enjoy some photos from this shower 🙂

Sanaz_small-296 Sanaz_small-280 Sanaz_small-278 Sanaz_small-199 Sanaz_small-196 Sanaz_small-142 Sanaz_small-134 Sanaz_small-132 Sanaz_small-94 Sanaz_small-83 Sanaz_small-68 Sanaz_small-66 Sanaz_small-63 Sanaz_small-53 Sanaz_small-51 Sanaz_small-46 Sanaz_small-44 Sanaz_small-43 Sanaz_small-42 Sanaz_small-39 Sanaz_small-35 Sanaz_small-29 Sanaz_small-25 Sanaz_small-23 Sanaz_small-17 Sanaz_small-14 Sanaz_small-12 Sanaz_small-7

Photography: Anastasia Smirnoff

Flowers: Sanam

Cake: http://www.dazzlemecakes.

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