Our trip to Ottawa

Today I want to show you some photos from our small gateway to Ottawa. We decided spend this thanksgiving in Ottawa. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It’s very beautiful small city located north east from Toronto. Hope you will enjoy the photos.

Ottawa_001 Ottawa_002  Ottawa_004 Ottawa_005Ottawa_006Ottawa_007Ottawa_009Ottawa_011Ottawa_012 Ottawa_013 Ottawa_014  Ottawa_016 Ottawa_017 Ottawa_018 Ottawa_019 Ottawa_020 Ottawa_021 Ottawa_022 Ottawa_023Ottawa_024

Tea cafe. So many herbal teas. We don’t drink coffee already more than a month, so we are always looking for something new.



Next day at Parliament building


The museum of history

Ottawa_056Ottawa_057Ottawa_058Ottawa_059Ottawa_060 Ottawa_061 Ottawa_062

Mont-Treblant, Quebec

Ottawa_063 Ottawa_064 Ottawa_065 Ottawa_066 Ottawa_067 Ottawa_068 Ottawa_069 Ottawa_070 Ottawa_071 Ottawa_072 Ottawa_073 Ottawa_074 Ottawa_075 Ottawa_076 Ottawa_077 Ottawa_078 Ottawa_079 Ottawa_080 Ottawa_081 Ottawa_082 Ottawa_083




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