Family weekends | McMichael Art Gallery | Personal Style | Family Photography

It’s still such a nice weather outside, I know it’s not gonna last for long. We checked the weather for next weekend and it’s gonna snow. We try to enjoy every weekend at it’s fullest. Edward likes long walks and he takes Selena with him all the time. I am happy about that, not always I can join them, but I know how important is to reenergize for long working week. He bought this interesting watches from TomTom and now reports how long they have been walking, how many steps and how many kilometres, he also uses them for his swimming sessions.I think for the past year we implemented good healthy habits, such as enjoy outside as much as possible, drinking water in the mornings, trying to avoid junk food and we feel much better.

My Birthday is in one month and I am starting to put together important things what I want to achieve next year, how do I see myself and what I am going to do.



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