Cake Smash Photo session | Toronto | Lisa’s First Year

Children are growing so fast. Not a while ago I did a small photo session of my God daughter Elizaveta when she was only 2 weeks old and now we did her very first smash the cake. I mean not now, it was like half a year ago, I’ve been a little busy with Selena so I am sharing photos just now :). We did a very small setup at my friend’s Katya house and were hoping that Lisa gonna be interested in the cake and yey!!! she really was. She was all around this cake, smashing it with her little hands, but first she tried to eat the candle. All I had to do is just click the button. I will cherish these memories for life: the laugh with my bestie Katya, Lisa from the top to bottom covered in cake, Katya’s mom trying to catch Lisa’s attention with different toys, Lisa’s small hands were trying to grab my camera. After we had such a good tea with leftovers from the cake.
Hope you will enjoy this “cake smash” photo session, I am happy to come to your home and photograph “cake smash” with your little ones. Have a lovely Monday.

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